Installing Pressflow on MAMP using Git

I often find it helpful to spin up a new Pressflow instance for local development and testing, without any fancy APC or Varnish configuration, and without any source control. Here's a quick way to do that.

First, set up your MAMP so it it works with Virtual Hosts. This gives us the ability to run multiple webroots of Drupal on the same IP address (in this case, on your local machine.)

Debugging Drupal

These are my notes from a talk given by Rich Yumul at DrupalCamp LA 2010. Rich is at Sage Tree Solutions.

Steps for Debugging

  • Reproduce the bug in the wild
  • Reproduce the bug in your development environment
  • Identify where it's failling
  • Identify why it's failing


  • Local dev/testing environment, MAMP or WAMP
  • IDE - Netbeans or Eclipse
  • XDebug/Zend Debugger
  • Firebug/Webkit/IE Developer Toolbar
  • tail -f, grep, less, vim, ssh

Increasing Drupal's File Size Upload Limit

Image UploadBy default, most Drupal setups have an upload file size limit of 2 megabytes. That's enough for uploading most content like images and short Word documents and PDF files. But start uploading larger files like audio or video, and you'll quickly run into this frustrating upload limit. Some video files can be hundreds of megabytes! Here's how you can get around the limit.

CMS Urban Legends: 5 Myths About Drupal

Spend some time researching Drupal online and you'll probably find a lot of griping about Drupal -- that it's hard to use, or difficult to understand. Lots of people run into roadblocks setting up their first Drupal site, from experienced developers to nontechnical experimenters. Some of this criticism is deserved, but some of it is excessive, and over time a number of Drupal myths have been built up. It's time to do some debunking!

1. You Need to Code to Use Drupal

Strategies for Instigating Technological Change

Earlier today I attended a talk at CMU by Ryan Troll, Director of Engineering at Yahoo! He spoke on the topic of change management and how to instigate large changes at Yahoo. Obviously as Director of Engineering, he has a fair bit of authority at Yahoo in this area, but he still runs into surprising resistance. He posed a question: how would you get every group in Yahoo to agree on a middleware templating language?

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