Changing Blocks based on Visitor's Country using GeoIP and Drupal

This site gets traffic from all over the globe, and sometimes I want to present different blocks to different users based on where they're located. For example, I might want to feature content about internationalization to visitors from Europe. In my case, visitors from Kenya sometimes find this site when they are looking for Davetech Group Kenya, a local computer retailer. My goal was to make a block appear on each page when the visitor is located in Kenya, directing them to the Davetech Group website. Here's how I did it:

1999 Acura TL GPS Repair

The 1999 Acura TL was sold with an optional touchscreen GPS navigation system accessory option, which ran off a hard disk drive mounted in the trunk of the car. Unfortunately, the hard drive is prone to overheating and failure, especially after seven years of frequent use and bumpy roads. When the car is started, the GPS system will, more and more frequently, fail to start, giving an error such as "Read Error" or "Hard Drive Failure." Luckily, thanks to digital cameras, there's an easy fix to this problem.

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