How Acquia uses Amazon Web Services at DrupalCon SF 2010

Amazon Web Services

This talk was given by Barry Jaspan, Senior architect at Acquia, Inc. It addresses how to get a non-trivial Drupal site set up on Amazon Web Services, and how Acquia manages their AWS environment.

Benefits of AWS

  • Outsourced
  • high end infrastructure
  • geographic distribution
  • lower up front costs
  • fast provisioning and elasticity

This Talk is about the Challenges

I'm not going to talk about the usual hosting stuff, just the unique things about

Lullabot Case Study at DrupalCon SF 2010

This talk was given by Liza Kindred of Lullabot. You can find her on twitter as LizaK.

About Liza

Liza comes from fashion, worked in the fashion industry for ten years and owned a retail boutique, and produced a lot of fashion shows. She's also done art events and sat on boards in the art world. Now she's Lullabot employee number 3! She's obsessed with open business models, which is how she got into Lullabot.

About Lullabot

Monetizing Drupal at DrupalCon San Francisco

I moderated a panel at Drupalcon 2010 San Francisco. The panel was called Monetizing Drupal, and it was Monday from 3pm to 4pm in 306 Trellon.

The Topic

We're going to touch on how to move from a pure Drupal consultancy to offering products and services.

The Panelists

  • Chris Shattuck of Build A Module
  • Stephanie Pakrul of Top Notch Themes
  • Michael Anello of DrupalEasy
  • Salim Lakhani of WebEnabled

The Summary

Notes from Design4Drupal 2010: Panels Everywhere Case Study

This talk was given on January 24, 2010 by Squiggy Rubio and Jennifer Lea Lampton from Chapter Three. It's called Panels Everywhere Case Study. Here are my notes:

Panels Everywhere Walkthrough

The Panels Everywhere theme is pretty different from a regular theme, as you might imagine. A basic template just contains a header, $content, and $closure.

It moves all this markup into a layout plugin, which is basically just what you would put in a page layout template.

Notes from Design4Drupal 2010: Designer and Developer Collaboration

This talk was given on January 23, 2010 by Jon Skulski at Stanford University. I've written up my notes below. Enjoy!

This talk is about how can designers can focus on making a website easy to build. What reasonable elements can I use on my site to make it easy to launch. I work as a developer in Chapter Three in San Francisco, a design and development firm.

As a Drupal Architect, I'm an interface between designers and development of the site.

Notes from Design4Drupal 2010: Stump the Experts FAQ

This is a talk moderated by Dmitri Gaskin, a 14 year old, freshman in high school. He's been doing Drupal for 4 years.

This is a Q&A session, and so go ahead and ask your questions, and either I or somebody else in the room should hopefully answer them.

Q: Apostrophes. Apparently automatic title generation interferes with apostrophes in title names. If I add an apostrophe, it doesn't appear in the database; the custom content will appear in the DB.

Notes from Design4Drupal 2010: Drupal Specific Design

Nica Lorber of Chapter Three just gave a great talk at Design4Drupal Stanford called Drupal Specific Design: A Template Approach. Here are my notes!

Our general process is do a wireframe, then turn it into a Drupal theme. A lot of times you'll miss little details, like the ugly admin tabs you see on a page when you're logged in.

But it looks like a Drupal site!


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