Installing Pressflow on MAMP using Git

I often find it helpful to spin up a new Pressflow instance for local development and testing, without any fancy APC or Varnish configuration, and without any source control. Here's a quick way to do that.

First, set up your MAMP so it it works with Virtual Hosts. This gives us the ability to run multiple webroots of Drupal on the same IP address (in this case, on your local machine.)

Apache Solr Search Mastery

Peter Wolanin and Robert Douglass work on the Solr search module in Drupal. They both work for Acquia.


  • What is solr and how do you run it locally
  • Getting Drupal data into Solr
  • Changes in Drupal 7
  • Field API integration
  • Searching Solr from Drupal
  • Modifying what's searched and the results
  • Theming search results

The code examples in these presentation work in Drupal 7; the Drupal 6 module is very similar with slight modifications.

Introduction to Drupal 7 Entities and Fields

First, some definitions:


An entity is a container for bundles. Entities can contain multiple bundles. Examples of an eitity are Node, User, File, Taxonomy term, Taxonomy vocabulary.


A bundle is a set of fields that are treated as a group by the Field API. Buncles are simillar in concept to a node type in Drupal 6. You can have a bundle that describes an article or a photo or a story, for example.


A Method for Getting Early Estimates Right

A Method For Getting Early Estimates Right
Jakob Persson
Co-founder of Node One

Early Estimating

A method that uses your prior experience when making early estimates. By doing so, you can make estimates accurately and more effectively, not just hunches or intuition. Estimating is like taking a blurry picture and trying to figure out what's in it. What you find may surprise you!

What is an Early Estimate?

"Estimation is the calculated approximiation of a result which is usable even if input data may be incomplete or uncertain." -Wikipedia

Varnish HTTP Cache

Varnish HTTP Cache
Poul-Henning Kamp

Content production is nothing new. The basic roles involved have not changed.

Typography, Multimedia, CMS and Production

Content Creation needs diverse input methods:

  • Text editors, Image scaling/cropping, Fileimport filters, Feeds...
  • Flexible Layout/Typography Tools (WYSIWYG, semantic markup, CSS)
  • Content cross referencing ("Other articles about paris hilton")
  • Composition rules can be complex: ("No airline ads if "crash" present in the headline.)

Drupal Security for Coders and Themers

Use These Resources

  • - full white paper that discusses security for Drupal; a good resource if you are a project manager
  • - great book, by greggles, webchick says its the first book about drupal that she's going to buy
  • - does static analysis of your code and can show you problems like SQL injection, but it doesn't catch everything.

HTML 5 and Drupal Themeing

These are my notes from a talk at DrupalCamp LA 2010 given by Scott Vandehey of Metal Toad Media (@spaceninja on twitter.) I arrived a few minutes late, so the introduction is not included. Thanks to Scott for the great talk!

New Video Tag

This includes a Controls attribute, which says that when the video is shown, give the user a way to control it. It doesn't specify which controls or how they should look, which is up to the browser manufacturer.

Debugging Drupal

These are my notes from a talk given by Rich Yumul at DrupalCamp LA 2010. Rich is at Sage Tree Solutions.

Steps for Debugging

  • Reproduce the bug in the wild
  • Reproduce the bug in your development environment
  • Identify where it's failling
  • Identify why it's failing


  • Local dev/testing environment, MAMP or WAMP
  • IDE - Netbeans or Eclipse
  • XDebug/Zend Debugger
  • Firebug/Webkit/IE Developer Toolbar
  • tail -f, grep, less, vim, ssh


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