Disable 'Preview Required' for Comments in Drupal 6

By default, Drupal is configured to force anonymous users to preview their comments before posting them. To enable users to post without previewing their comment, you might think you'd access:

Administer > Content Management > Content Settings > Post Settings

Not anymore!

In Drupal 6, the comment preview settings are tied to each content type. Visit:

Administer > Content Management > Content Types at admin/content/types

Strategies for Instigating Technological Change

Earlier today I attended a talk at CMU by Ryan Troll, Director of Engineering at Yahoo! He spoke on the topic of change management and how to instigate large changes at Yahoo. Obviously as Director of Engineering, he has a fair bit of authority at Yahoo in this area, but he still runs into surprising resistance. He posed a question: how would you get every group in Yahoo to agree on a middleware templating language?

How Clients Benefit from AJAX

My company does a lot of work developing web applications for different clients. A reporter contacted me asking about how using AJAX to implement a web application helps the client. It's a good question, and subtlely different from the standard end-user and developer viewpoints you find in most articles about AJAX. I think there are three main benefits for the client (the organization that is paying for the webapp) and three different benefits for the end user (the guy who ends up using the client's site.)

Benefits to Clients

1999 Acura TL GPS Repair

The 1999 Acura TL was sold with an optional touchscreen GPS navigation system accessory option, which ran off a hard disk drive mounted in the trunk of the car. Unfortunately, the hard drive is prone to overheating and failure, especially after seven years of frequent use and bumpy roads. When the car is started, the GPS system will, more and more frequently, fail to start, giving an error such as "Read Error" or "Hard Drive Failure." Luckily, thanks to digital cameras, there's an easy fix to this problem.


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