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Node.js, JavaScript and the Future of Drupal

These are my notes from the talk at DrupalCon Denver given by Jeff Miccolis. You can follow Jeff on Twitter @miccolis.

This is probably the only talk at Drupalcon where you'll hear the word 'node' a lot.

[Pregnant pause]

I used to work at Development Seed, which was a small consulting shop in Washington, DC and we did a lot of work for governments and NGO. I was most involved with Open Atrium, Features, Context and Strongarm.

Native Mobile App Development on Drupal

These are my notes from a talk given at Drupalcon Denver 2012 by Kyle Browning. You can follow Kyle on Twitter @kylebrowning. [My other notes from DrupalCon Denver]

Why/Why Not Native

Why Not: Options like Titanium support multiple devices. Developing natively may not be something that you want to do. Rapid prototyping is sometimes easier with JavaScript and Appcelerator. It's also not as hard; developing things quickly is a lot easier!

Status of the Configuration Management Initiative

These are my notes from Greg Dunlap's talk at Drupalcon Denver 2012. Greg is on twitter at @heyrocker. [My other notes from DrupalCon Denver]

We've been working on taking the admin screens, for example the user permissions, and storing them in XML on the disk, which becomes the canonical storage area for that data, so that when you update them it writes to disk and when you need them, the data is fetched from disk.

Fast CSS3

These are my notes from a talk at SXSW 2012

Primary goal: Partner should be able to refer traffic from collateral
Secondary goal: Convert good enough to drive PPC

Content tree/DOM tree vs Frame tree/Rendering Tree


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