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Notes from More Realtime

These are my notes from More Realtime, a talk by Daniel Shaw given on July 2, 2012 at NodeConf. You can follow Daniel on twitter @dshaw or on github: http://github.com/dshaw

There's more and more talk about deploying socket.io in production and 1.0 will make that more reliable and more resilient. I'm at Voxer right now, but not really going to talk too much about that today; I'm going to talk more about historical stuff on socket.io in realtime.

Notes from Socket.io Background

These are my notes from the socket.io talk on July 2, 2012 at NodeConf.

I'm going to talk about what motivated me to start a project like socket.io. Back in 2008 or so I got interested in this app framework called AppJet which created an app called EtherPad, a real-time collaborative text editor. During this time I was developing a passion for collaborative text editing. This project was what inspired me to become an early adopter for node.js. At the time, Google Docs used an algorithm that emulated real time, but didn't allow people to edit on the same line.

Entity API

[My other notes from DrupalCon Denver]

Which entities are there?

In core, comments, nodes, user accounts, taxonomy terms, feeds.

In addition, contrib modules can define entity types. Modules that define their own entities include Drupal Commerce, Organic groups, Profile2, Heartbeat and Message, and File entity.

With Drupal 7, there is a shift from node-centric modules to entity-centric modules. This is the future for Drupal.


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