Notes from Node and Arduino


These are my notes from Emily Rose's talk July 3, 2012 at NodeConf. Emily is nexxy* on the interwebs and @nexxylove on Twitter.

Some of the stuff I've been doing includes Devboards, Arduinos and Node.js. I want to go over the stuff that I've been doing in trying to bring the strip club industry to a more technological era. Everything needs more technology! My stack uses serialport, twilio-api and dnode.

I realized that our security system was kind of crappy. We tried a number of different setups and hardware configurations and it was either slow or clunky or unconfigurable. What do you need? devboards, breadboards, lasers, jumpers, sensors, LEDs, USB cables, lasers, solder, lasers, resistors, wires, pin headers, helping hands, lasers, LCD displays, lasers, multimeter, hot glue gun, rotary tool, barcode scanner, lasers, thermal printer, magstripe reader, touch screen, SD adapter, lasers, etc. I have posted links on my board for every specific product I mention.

The Arduino trigger sensor uses a digitalWrite(triggerPin, LOW), delayMicroseconds(2), digitalWrite(triggerPin HIGH), delayMicroseconds(5), digital Write(triggerPin, LOW)

We also have a distance function, baseline sample, and tripLoop() function to check if the threshold has been met and sets the status of the Arduino if it has been met.

There is a feedback function that prints a newline-terminted string to the node host.

Then, there's a cloud monitor for setting up your alerts and alerting you when the alarm has been triggered. I have that on Github now.

To attach an arduino, node device --host --port 1337 --device /dev/ttyACM0 --id STAGE_DEMO

The Twilio API allows node to call the admin phone numbers and allow them to disarm the alarm or get into a conference call to discuss the alarm with each other.

Node is going very fast, but there are some popular apps that have some really glaring holes! Granted, we all know each other, but I'm just someone from the internet and I have how many people's phone numbers now? And all I did was ask for them!

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