Disable 'Preview Required' for Comments in Drupal 6


By default, Drupal is configured to force anonymous users to preview their comments before posting them. To enable users to post without previewing their comment, you might think you'd access:

Administer > Content Management > Content Settings > Post Settings

Not anymore!

In Drupal 6, the comment preview settings are tied to each content type. Visit:

Administer > Content Management > Content Types at admin/content/types

Select 'edit' next to the content type. For the 'page' content type, you'll end up at:


Scroll down to 'comment settings' and change 'preview comment' from Required to Optional. Then click 'Save content type.'



This is probably my LEAST FAVORITE "feature" in Drupal 6. Instead of having one page that allows me to define how comments work all over my site I now have to set it in six different pages. There is such a thing as "too granular."

How can I disable the Preview

How can I disable the Preview button from appearing on the screen?


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How to hide the Preview button in Drupal

There are a few ways. Any one of these should work:

  1. The preview button uses the #edit-preview CSS ID. By setting this ID to display:none; in your CSS, you can effectively hide the preview button.
  2. Create a module that calls hook_form_alter() and removes the preview button, for example: unset($form['buttons']['preview']);
  3. Create a template file for the specific form you're trying to hide the button on. In that template file, insert the line $form['preview'] = null;

Drupal 6 site uploading issue

I have a common problem with drupal 6 online website. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 59 bytes) in /var/www/sites/all/modules/cck/content.module on line 1288.

i just increased the memory_limit to 64M using ini_set(). But the error is still there. when i deleted the module from the folder site is fine.How can i rectify this problem?

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