JavaScript Evangelism on a Budget

In my work as a developer and evangelist with PubNub, I'm tasked with figuring out how to best help developers use our product. My programming background is mostly JavaScript based (and I run the JS meetup in SF) so I do most of my work with other JavaScript developers, or devs who use JS frameworks such as Angular or Ember in their projects. After three months on the job, here's what I've learned:

Notes from Node and SPI

These are my notes from Russell Hay's talk on July 3, 2012 at NodeConf called Node and SPI. You can follow Russell on twitter @russellhay.

What is SPI really? It's a loosely defined specification. There's a lot of things left ambiguous, and lots of variety between implementations (are you triggering on the rising edge or the falling edge of the clock?) It's a 4-wire interface between a master and a slave, and it's full-duplex, so when you're reading you're also writing.

The four signals are:

Notes from Node and Arduino

These are my notes from Emily Rose's talk July 3, 2012 at NodeConf. Emily is nexxy* on the interwebs and @nexxylove on Twitter.

Some of the stuff I've been doing includes Devboards, Arduinos and Node.js. I want to go over the stuff that I've been doing in trying to bring the strip club industry to a more technological era. Everything needs more technology! My stack uses serialport, twilio-api and dnode.


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